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Popcorn Mini Gift Bundle

Popcorn Mini Gift Bundle

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Enjoy a delightful snack experience with our Popcorn Mini Gift Bundle, perfectly packaged in a charming kraft paperboard envelope-style gift box. Tied with your choice of ribbon, this bundle features locally-sourced popcorn and a unique seasoning to make your popcorn nights extra special.

Inside the Popcorn Mini Gift Bundle:

  • JQ Dickinson Popcorn Kernels: Savor the taste of locally-sourced JQ Dickinson popcorn kernels. These high-quality kernels pop to perfection, delivering a deliciously light and fluffy treat that's perfect for movie nights, gatherings, or anytime snacking.

  • Steel City Salt Dill Pickle Salt Seasoning: Add a zesty twist to your popcorn with this small pinch jar of dill pickle salt seasoning from Steel City Salt. This unique blend infuses your popcorn with the tangy, savory flavor of dill pickles, making each bite irresistible.

Packaged with care in a mini kraft paperboard envelope-style gift box and tied with a ribbon of your choice, the Popcorn Mini Gift Bundle is a thoughtful and delicious gift for popcorn lovers, food enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys a tasty treat.

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