Welcome to Kinship, Pittsburgh’s premier destination for locally-sourced gifts.

We specialize in curating high-quality gift boxes featuring a diverse range of locally-made products, from gourmet treats to unique handcrafted items.



    Dedicated to championing social causes in the Pittsburgh area, Kinship actively seeks out brands that align with our commitment to making a positive impact. This ensures that every product in our collection not only reflects quality and thoughtfulness but also contributes to creating positive change within our community. In addition to supporting socially responsible brands, we donate a portion of profits to the ALS Association of Western PA—a cause personally significant to our founder.

    Throughout every stage of our process, we place a priority on eco-conscious choices. This commitment extends from the design of our enduring and high-quality gift boxes to the selection of our packaging and shipping supplies. Our aim is to craft a meaningful experience while keeping our environmental impact to a minimum. Give a gift that not only serves a purpose but also aligns with your values, providing a positive and lasting impact.

    Rooted in our commitment to community and craftsmanship, we prioritize local talent in every aspect of our sourcing process. Whether seeking a product or service, our goal is to find the most local and highest quality solutions available. This approach not only ensures a unique and authentic offering but also contributes significantly to the vitality and sustainability of Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. It's more than just a commitment; it's a pledge to foster a thriving local ecosystem that we proudly call home.
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Meet Lauren Geniviva, the driving force behind Kinship Gifting. With a background in advertising, Lauren discovered her passion for promoting brands aligned with her values and beliefs. However, it was the loss of her father to ALS in 2018 that sparked a profound shift in her career trajectory. Inspired by the unwavering support and compassion of the ALS community in Pittsburgh during her family's difficult journey, Lauren embarked on a quest to create something deeply meaningful and purpose-driven.

At Kinship Gifting, the phrase "Cause Conscious" isn't just a tagline—it's a guiding principle rooted in Lauren's personal experience. Motivated by the sense of kinship and community her family found amidst adversity, Lauren made it her mission to foster similar connections through thoughtful gifting and support for local makers.

Driven by a desire to give back to the ALS community that provided solace during a challenging time, Kinship Gifting pledges to donate a percentage of its profits to research and care initiatives for ALS in Western PA. Through her dedication to nurturing connections and supporting causes close to her heart, Lauren hopes to empower others to experience the profound sense of kinship that brought comfort to her family in their time of need.

Kinship flatlay showing Pittsburgh-themed items including a Heinz ketchup pennant, a Heinz ketchup baby onesie, a Meshwork Press card, Millers hot sauce, De Fer Breakfast in the Strip tea and a Thank Yinz tote


We connect companies and institutions with local makers and brands for more thoughtful gift giving. With years of experience in the luxury gifting industry, we have the know-how for seamless execution under tight deadlines, with an eye for detail and dedication to sending quality gifts time-after-time. We believe in creativity, attention to detail, style and sophistication. At Kinship we value both the aesthetic of the gift and the ethics behind the brand that made it.



Select gift contents from a curated collection of local gifts for any occasion. Our team will help you select items that fit within your budget and timeline.


Create a branded experience for your clients and employees. Chose from the options of quality custom boxes, tissue, tape and more.


Do you have something very specific in mind? Our team will work with our local partners to put together a gift that fits your needs. We can also customize many of our artisan products with logos or initials.


We love to partner with local companies as an extension of their team that handles any and all gifting needs. We have gifts for any occasion and we can warehouse gifts until they are needed at a later date.


    Our team can set up a custom portal for address collection and gift selection to provide a stress-free custom experience.


    We have products on hand and can put together something special on short notice. We offer nationwide shipping and even local delivery for each gift.