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Local Coffee and Spread Gift Box

Local Coffee and Spread Gift Box

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Experience the rich flavors of our region with our Local Coffee and Spread Gift Box. This carefully curated collection features exceptional local products that will elevate your coffee ritual to a new level of enjoyment.

ā˜• De Fer Coffee Beans: Savor the bold, aromatic notes of our locally roasted De Fer coffee beans. Crafted with precision and passion, these beans promise a perfect cup every time.

šŸÆ Bumbleberry Farms Honey Spread: Indulge your taste buds with the exquisite sweetness of Bumbleberry Farms honey spread. It's the ideal accompaniment to your morning toast or a drizzle of natural goodness in your coffee.

šŸ„„ Silver Coffee Scoop: Measure your coffee with precision using our elegant silver coffee scoop. It's the perfect tool for achieving that impeccable coffee-to-water ratio.

šŸŖµ Found Woodworks Handmade Cutting Board: Crafted with care by a local artisan, our handmade cutting board from Found Woodworks adds a touch of rustic charm to your coffee station. It's not only functional but also a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

The Local Coffee and Spread Gift Box is a delightful treat for coffee enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the art of a perfectly brewed cup. Whether you're gifting it to a friend or keeping it for yourself, savor the local flavors that make each morning exceptional.


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