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Calm and Comfort Gift Box

Calm and Comfort Gift Box

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Introducing our Calm and Comfort Gift Box, a thoughtful collection of local products designed to provide solace and serenity during challenging times and illness.

Soothe the senses and relax with a cup of our locally sourced lavender chamomile tea from Leaf & Twig in a local ceramic mug. Allow the delicate flavors and aromatic blend to transport you to a place of tranquility and peace.

Create a comforting ambiance with the gentle glow of an 1820 House soy candle. Let its warm flicker and soothing fragrance envelop you in a sense of calmness and relaxation.

To complete this nurturing experience, we've included Bumbleberry Farms honey candies to soothe and comfort.

Whether you're seeking solace for yourself or sending a caring gesture to someone in need, our Calm and Comfort Gift Box is a heartfelt gift that provides both physical and emotional support. Let this collection of local treasures bring moments of tranquility and comfort to those who deserve it most.

Our Calm & Comfort Gift Box Includes:

East Wheeling Clayworks Mug

Two Leaf & Twig Mini Teas

1820 House Signature Candle

Silver Tea Strainer

Bumbleberry Farms Honey Candies

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