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I Love You Purple Gift Bundle

I Love You Purple Gift Bundle

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The Purple Gift Bundle is a delightful token of affection packed with charm and sweetness. Designed to convey your sentiments in a small yet meaningful way, this bundle is perfect for any occasion where a little gesture goes a long way.

Inside our mini envelope packaging, you'll find a small bag of delectable shortbread cookies, each bite bursting with buttery goodness and homemade charm.

Accompanying the cookies is a mini Leaf and Twig tea, carefully selected to offer a moment of tranquility and flavor. Paired with a delicate tea strainer, this mini tea experience is sure to delight the senses and warm the heart.

Whether you're expressing gratitude, sending well wishes, or simply showing someone you care, our Mini Sentiment Bundle is the perfect way to make a big impact with a small gesture. Let every sip and every bite convey your sentiments with sweetness and sincerity.

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