Kinship's Dedication to the ALS Association of Western PA

Kinship's Dedication to the ALS Association of Western PA

In our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, Kinship proudly stands as a devoted supporter of the ALS Association of Western PA. Our founder, Lauren, holds a profound personal connection to the association, inspiring a commitment that extends far beyond financial contributions. This commitment is a heartfelt pledge that intertwines seamlessly with the values that define Kinship.

The Clearview ALS Allies Program: A Monthly Pledge of Support

At the heart of our commitment lies the Clearview ALS Allies program, where we contribute monthly to the ALS Association of Western PA. This initiative symbolizes our deep belief in the association's mission to empower and uplift those affected by ALS. Our consistent financial support aims to contribute to the ongoing efforts that enhance the quality of life for individuals and families facing the challenges of this disease.

Gift Boxes for Sponsors and Donors: Expressing Gratitude and Encouragement

Recognizing the pivotal role of sponsors and donors in sustaining the ALS Association, Kinship is honored to donate curated gift boxes. These tokens of gratitude are particularly directed towards the major sponsors of the association's two flagship events: the yearly Walk to Defeat ALS and the annual CEO Soak. These gift boxes are our way of saying 'thank you' to those who go above and beyond in supporting the ALS cause.

CEO Soak: A National Event Born in Pittsburgh

The CEO Soak, a national event that originated in Pittsburgh, holds special significance in our commitment. This year, our founder Lauren participated by getting soaked in the iconic PPG Place fountains. Her fundraising efforts surpassed $1,500, a testament to the community's unwavering support. In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation, Kinship donated over 20 high-value gift boxes to major sponsors and fundraisers, acknowledging their significant contributions.

Goodness to Caregivers: A Gesture of Appreciation

Caregivers, the unsung heroes in the ALS journey, receive our appreciation through thoughtful donations that aim to brighten their days. These contributions go beyond traditional gestures, underscoring our belief in the power of community and shared responsibility to uplift one another during challenging times.

Volunteering Time: A Hands-On Approach to Making a Difference

Kinship actively engages in volunteer opportunities with the ALS Association of Western PA. Our team recognizes the invaluable impact of hands-on involvement, contributing time and efforts to support events, programs, and initiatives that directly benefit individuals and families affected by ALS.

A Shining Light in Difficult Times: The ALS Association's Remarkable Impact

The ALS Association of Western PA embodies resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication to supporting families during their most challenging times. Kinship is humbled to align our mission with theirs, striving to be a beacon of hope and assistance for those facing the complexities of ALS.

Conclusion: Together, We Make a Difference

At Kinship, our dedication to the ALS Association of Western PA is not just a commitment; it is a shared journey of compassion and community support. We believe that by standing together, we can create meaningful change and bring solace to those navigating the difficulties of ALS. Lauren's personal connection to this cause has ignited a flame of dedication that continues to burn brightly, propelling us forward in our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by ALS.

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