Kinship: A Journey of Gift-Giving and Community Connection

Kinship: A Journey of Gift-Giving and Community Connection

In 2022, after a fulfilling career in advertising, I found myself at a crossroads. The loss of my father to ALS in 2018 prompted a profound shift in perspective, urging me to seek a career that resonated with my passions and offered a sense of purpose every day.

The ALS Association of Western PA played a pivotal role in my family's journey, providing understanding, community, and support during a challenging time. Inspired by their impact, I resolved to redirect my path and contribute to the cause that had touched my life so deeply.

With a newfound commitment to make a difference, I founded Kinship. Beyond a business venture, Kinship emerged as a platform to amplify goodwill, understanding, and community support. Today, I proudly serve on the Board of the ALS Association Western PA chapter, driven by a mission to give back and be actively involved in their initiatives.

At Kinship, our dedication goes beyond monetary contributions. Monthly donations, a percentage of yearly profits, and product donations for engagement promotions and major donors are just some of the ways we support the ALS Association. Volunteering and sponsoring events, including the CEO Soak and the yearly ALS Walk, have become integral parts of our mission to make a lasting impact in Pittsburgh.

With gifting as my love language and a deep sense of Pittsburgh pride, Kinship specializes in locally-sourced gifts that embody the essence of our community. I believe that a thoughtful gift has the power to transform relationships, creating lasting connections between individuals.

As someone who values brands that support causes, I prioritize working with local brands that share our commitment to making a positive impact. Through Kinship, I've cultivated meaningful relationships and forged connections with like-minded individuals who appreciate our region and share a passion for supporting important causes.

Kinship is not just a business; it's a journey of building relationships, fostering community connections, and making a difference. I am grateful for the friendships formed, the strong bonds created, and the opportunity to contribute to causes that matter to our area.

Join us on this journey of thoughtful gifting, community support, and the celebration of our local pride at Kinship.

Lauren Geniviva
Founder, Kinship
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